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Fine is the contractor of choice to apply Intumescent Fire Proofing coatings, regardless of the application..

Environmental Hazard Analysis and Lead Abatement

Through years of experience Fine Painting possess the vital lead abatement skills needed to not only detect lead based paint and assess its potential risks, but also implement lead abatement plans for owners and operators of all types of facilities that are cost effective and efficient.

With Fine Painting, we support your lead abatement process with:

 - Fully Trained Personnel

 - Complete Bonding Capability

 - Certified coating inspectors

 - Procedures that Meet or Exceed EPA & OSHA Requirements

 - State of the Art Technology and Equipment

 - Experience with all forms of Lead Abatement Procedures


  • Vacuum Blasting
  • Mechanical Abrasion
  • Chemical Strip
  • Encapsulation
  • Removal/Replacement
  • Sponge Blasting