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Fine is the contractor of choice to apply Intumescent Fire Proofing coatings, regardless of the application..


Industrial Installations: Insulation in industrial buildings such as Power Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plant's, Chemicals Plants and Pulp and Paper Mills is designed primarily to reduce energy consumption and personnel protection to keep people from receving severe burns from High Temperature Steam Lines and Chemical burns.

Commercial Installations: Insulation in commercial buildings such as schools, shopping centers, warehouses, hospitals and other public buildings is designed primarily to reduce energy consumption and or to prevent pipes or air ducts from creating condesation. Insulations used for commercial work includes Fiberglass pipe insulations which comes in three feet sections and Fiberglass Duct insulation which comes in rolls of 400 sq. feet. Typical systems to be insulated on a job site are plumbing, air ducts, steam and condensate piping, roof drains, Hot water heating pipe, chilled water pipe, kitchen exhaust ducts and Ammonia and liquid nitrogen pipe.